SWIM, or Solutionary Work In Motion, sees students take their ideas even further, partnering with local organizations, and bringing their ideas to life in documented way.

SWIM (Solutionary Work in Motion) is a continuation and realization of the vision our students began in 7th grade with SPLASH (Solving Problems for Los Angeles’s Society and Health).

Last year, as part of the SPLASH program, students delved deep into societal, health, and environmental issues affecting Los Angeles. They researched, collaborated, and crafted compelling project proposals, presented in the form of video pitches.

These pitches, showcased at the Loyola Marymount University theater, were more than just presentations; they were promises of commitment to the community.

Now, in 8th grade, students embark on the SWIM journey, taking those proposals and turning them into actionable projects. Their commitment and passion shine through as they not only identify problems but also actively work towards solutions. The transition from SPLASH to SWIM is transformative, where ideas evolve into meaningful actions. As they collaborate with local organizations, engage in hands-on work, and navigate the challenges of real-world projects, our students are not just learning; they are making a tangible difference in the community.